While it is difficult to plan the funeral of another, it is even more difficult to consider one’s own funeral. None of us wants to think about death.

Without planning, a family is forced to make many decisions and choices. The type of service, location of the service, type of merchandise, music, etc. all are decisions or choices that must be made prior to the funeral.

Much of this distress can be eliminated by the simple act of pre-arrangement.

You wouldn’t knowingly put a burden on your family at any time – least of all on one of the most difficult days of their lives. Pre-arrangement cannot save your family and friends the grief that will come from the loss, but it can save them the stress of making all those difficult decisions.

When you pre-arrange your funeral, you make a gift of love to your family. Consider the wisdom of writing down your wishes and instructions. Allow Family Options to help you make those choices and we will keep them on file so your family will only have to make 1 (one) call to us when that final emergency happens.

People of all ages tell us that they "feel better" after making their own final arrangements. It is one more responsibility you can spare your loved ones.

The Benefits of Pre-Funding

Most of us make plans every day of our lives. We purchase event tickets in advance, we plan and save for a vacation and we schedule health and dental care appointments regularly. We also purchase insurance to cover our home and automobiles and healthcare coverage to help pay in the event of injuries or illnesses.

All these represent wise decisions. For many families, it is a wise decision to pre-fund the cost of a funeral. While most of us plan for the possible, few of us prepare for the inevitable. With the Family Plan, you have the opportunity to make these preparations and pay for them in advance. The costs of funerals today may be less than you might expect – but the costs continue to rise.

By pre-funding your arrangements these benefits can be realized:

  1. Control – you can avoid the emotional overspending that can take place when wishes and desires are not known.
  2. Tax Benefit – if the funding is done through life insurance, there is no income tax liability of the death benefit growth.
  3. Flexibility – you can use single payment bank trust, annuities, or make regular payments on a final expense insurance policy.
  4. Inflation Protection – you may choose to pay for tomorrow’s funeral at today’s prices. This will ensure that your family will not have to pay anymore for the funeral you have planned today.
  5. Simplicity – with the FAMILY PLAN, the funeral bill can be paid with funds you have set aside for your final expenses. You will not have to rely on family, friends, or wait for payment of regular life insurance.
Our staff is trained, licensed, and certified by the state to give you detailed accurate information on your funding OPTIONS. There is no cost or obligation for this personal consultation from our staff.

Law does not allow funeral service providers to keep any of the funds set aside for pre-funding of funerals. All funds must be placed in state-approved trust. Those trusts can use a variety of funding vehicles. The FAMILY PLAN uses annuities, bank trust, and specially designed life insurance that was developed to fund funeral plans. The FAMILY PLAN offers whole life insurance coverage from Fortis Benefits Life Insurance, Atlanta, GA.